Taming Your Mind

27 November, 2019

“The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating. It is hard to recognise that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.” – A Course in Miracles

Anything we do in life starts with a thought. Anything of significance we want to change in our life will have to be a shift in thinking first. If somebody is struggling to find a partner or a new fulfilling job, instead of downloading another dating app or submitting their CV to another potential employer, they must address the issue on a thought level first. Perhaps there are conflicting beliefs stopping them from having the relationship they want, or the disempowering mindset that repels all the great career opportunities.

In order to tame our mind, we need to raise our awareness and show commitment to shift our thinking through practice.

Find meaning & resolve conflict

I like to look at everything that is happening on a physical plane as if it was a consequence. If something is not happening, is causing frustration, anxiety, etc. there is a misalignment somewhere, a conflict on a mind level. Simple example, we often do things that we don’t want to do but we have to – a conflict. The easiest way to achieve mind coherence here would be to simply stop doing the things. However, quite often that is not an option. The other way, the one I would encourage you to practice, is to change our perception. How does that thing that you have to do but don’t like doing actually benefit you? Is there a long-term gain in you doing it? It’s like kids and brushing teeth. At first, they are annoyed that they have to do it, then the teenagehood kicks in, and suddenly brushing teeth has a completely different meaning because they want to have beautiful white teeth just like Arianna Grande’s.

Change focus from “me” to “we”

I often ask people to honestly look at themselves and ask who do they have to become in order to “deserve” the relationship or the career they desire. What can we change at the level of thinking that would ultimately have an impact on how we show up at that date or that interview and most importantly – how do we show up to the world. Change your focus from “what it is that I can get in this new relationship or new job”, to “what it is that I can give to this person, how can I contribute to the company’s success”.

Feed your mind regularly

Unless you feed the mind something new, inspiring, eye-opening, it will continue munching on the same old stories you were telling yourself forever. Story told several times creates a belief. Perhaps your belief is that all the good men are taken already or that everybody is an idiot. Mind is building on our stories. Soon “all good men are taken already” will turn into “all good men are taken already, and I will die surrounded by 20 cats”. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead your mind was working for you, not against you. Always aim for growth, expansion, new insights. Start creating stories that work for you.

Even whilst you are reading this post your mind is at work. Catch it in action! What is it up to and how does that serve you?