Bring Heart into the Matter

10 May, 2022

Goethe famously said that we murder to dissect. This applies to the current Western culture like never before. We are overvaluing the left side of the brain where logic lives. There is a huge emphasis on things being scientifically proven, backed up by evidence and carefully analysed. We have ‘a strategy’ for things like inspiration, creativity and love. We dissect sentences in the conversation only to have a problem with individual words.

We have to murder (metaphorically) something first before we can dissect it. To murder is to take its life away – the vibrancy, the mystery, the heart. Unknowingly we murder our conversations, the moments of intimacy, our creative endeavours and even ourselves. It all becomes dry and lifeless.

What if…

You saw yourself as a mystical creature that you are. Not too fat, too thin, complying/not complying with beauty standards, smart or not smart enough, etc.

You engaged your heart in every conversation, you employed compassion and understanding as if your life depended on it.

You were so present in the moment that you could hear the Universe talking to you because it talks to us all the time, we are just too busy in our heads to notice it. It speaks through that small silent voice within, through events, through other people, through seemingly insignificant things that grasp our attention for no apparent reason.

You followed a creative urge, be it drawing, playing music or making your home into a sanctuary.

You dropped the notion that you know everything and allowed life to show you what it means. Instead of you telling life what it is supposed to mean.

Living with curiosity, seeing people as if for the first time, opening ourselves to different experiences and surrendering the idea that we know it all makes us vibrant with life and possibility.