What’s Holding You Back?

Sometime ago I had a dream that I was going through a leg surgery. After the surgery that very same day I was walking through crowded airport and limping really badly with my leg b

Dare to Be Unapologetically YOU

Twisted faces, fake laughter, ego-driven conversations, going back and forth between attack and defence, constantly trying to prove that we are somebody, we know something, feeling

End The Frustration of Not Being THERE Yet

Have you ever felt frustrated after doing one of the “imagine your life in 5 years-time, what would you like it to be” exercises? I certainly have. I would get really

Reclaim Your Place of Power

Few years ago, I was doing one of my favourite soul-searching exercises. I felt a little bit lost at the time and needed some clarity. The exercise of my choice was something known

The Power of Surrender

I whisper word “surrender” in my mind and I immediately feel my shoulders drop down and my breathing get deeper. If I had to think about moments in my life that were filled wit

Are You Selfish Enough?

“This is such an inappropriate question in the spiritual context of this website!” – If that was your initial reaction to the title, then you definitely need to be more s

Taming Your Mind

“The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating. It is hard to recognise that thought and belief combine into a powe

Finding Solution to Your Problem

Finding solution for one’s problem is something I, and probably you, deal with on a daily basis. People come to me to get that solution “coached out” of them or, even worse,

Let’s Dance Around the Fire

To me, “dancing around the fire” symbolises freedom. Freedom to be who you are without any fog or constrictions. Freedom to be joyful as well as freedom to be sad or a