If This Was to Stay

“When [blank] happens, then I’ll be able to [blank]” – does this sound familiar? Everyone I’ve ever met is running this monologue in their heads pretty much on daily

Bring Heart into the Matter

Goethe famously said that we murder to dissect. This applies to the current Western culture like never before. We are overvaluing the left side of the brain where logic lives. Ther

Your Journey

Joseph Campbell spoke about a journey that we all take in life, a hero’s journey. It starts when a hero is called to adventure. Although, initially the hero may resist the callin

Walking Each Other Home

What do we all crave the most? To be loved and accepted for who we are. It is just that simple. Yet so few of us even allow ourselves to have that expectation. Somewhere down the l

Transform Your Pain

If you woke up with a little heartache this morning over something or someone, don’t worry we’ve got this. Our pain actually has a purpose. On the physical level when we break

Your Most Important Relationship

It is impossible to explain to someone what mango tastes like. Yet for somebody who actually tasted it, just hearing a word ‘mango’ creates a very sensory experience. For a lon

What Is Controlling Your Life?

For as long as I remember I’ve been told that I am weak, that I am too emotional, too sensitive, too fragile. I’ve been told that something was inherently wrong with me

Rise Above the Drama

I have spoken to a friend recently who was undermined and harshly judged at work despite her obvious competence and remarkable work ethic. These things hurt especially when you kno

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Topic for this week is sleep. Why? Because it is the most undervalued asset in the area of human performance and wellbeing. According to a study, sleeping 4 hours (or less) “ages

Welcome to the Culture of Burnout

“I want to curl up in the corner and cry” – says to me one of the strongest women I know. She is a gorgeous looking lady with a beautiful family, fascinating career and a ver

The First Step to Living a Happy Life

According to A Course in Miracles, we pay a very heavy price for not taking responsibility for our own life. That is – we can’t change it. For some of us this might mean lettin

Decisions That Shape Our Lives

When we look back at our lives we always remember the ‘big’ stuff – the move from London to Paris, the wedding, the birth of a child, the promotion that took our career to th

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