Many people today live a life that feels fundamentally off – there is no true aliveness, no genuine sense of excitement or anticipation. In other words, no juice. Through holistic coaching, I help people to be more of the unique brilliance that they already are underneath all the limitations and, ultimately, to build juicy lives on the firm foundation of their authentic truth.

As a well-educated and ICF accredited Life Coach, I am equipped with a unique set of skills that, together with my natural curiosity and intuition, will help me to guide, encourage, challenge and support you on your journey in the most effective and professional way.

I have completed hundreds of hours of coach-specific training, attended many seminars in Europe and the US in order for me to grow personally and professionally. I am a certified nutritionist, integrated kundalini yoga teacher and a passionate student of humanology with a track record of successful transformations. All the knowledge and experience I gained over the years has contributed to the evolution of my own holistic approach to coaching.

Diploma in Life, Executive and Team Coaching | Certificate in Nutrition Science | Certificate in Pillars of Neuroscience for Coaches & Consultants
Integrated Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training | Tony Robbins Mastery University