Juicy Grape was born out of my own struggle to live fully. I felt lost and had no energy or passion as if all the juices were sucked out of me. I depended upon other people’s moods, feelings and behaviours. I allowed myself and others to violate my standards. I compromised in an unhealthy way in order to be loved, accepted and appreciated. Life was happening to me, not through me. I knew I was betraying myself but that wasn’t a loud enough call for a change.

Soon my initial feeling of being empty turned into frustration, anger and desperate attempts to seek happiness in outer circumstances and other people. The turning point was a clear realisation how much I did not like the person I became – a raisin! I felt like I had nothing to give.

After doing some serious soul-searching, reading every self-help book that I could get my hands on and listening to hundreds of podcasts, I realised that I was fully responsible for what I have created which meant I could start anew at any point I chose (not that I did not know that before in theory!).

This drove me to commit to becoming a person I would love to be – a juicy grape: vibrant, alive, fuelled with passion, creativity, loving and compassionate. I realised the importance of purpose, the idea behind physical and mental discipline, I found my go-to medicine; meditation, yoga, creative and spiritual work.

It doesn’t mean that I never fall back into the old ways of being/thinking/feeling but having a defined image of who I want to be makes it so much easier to pull myself out of there. Each day my aim is to get closer to that image than I was the day before.

Juicy Grape is a an invitation to make your life colourful, to increase your capacity to give to others, to strengthen your emotional core muscles and to create opportunities through joy. It is a place for growth and expansion, a place where, metaphorically, we gather to dance around the fire. It is a place for naked feelings and emotions because when we share the truth magic often happens. Truth is of the essence and it is always a good point to start. When we get to the truth of who you are, of what you feel, of what’s going on for you – we can start building on a strong foundation. The task here is to strip away everything that is not serving you in order to, on some level, start anew.